I'm Mateusz Lesiuk
a Front-End Developer

About me

I'm Mateusz Lesiuk, a 21 years old Front End Developer from Poland.

I have always been interested in creating websites and web applications. Finally, in November 2018 I have decided that I want to put in the work, and take it seriously. I have started to wake up early and learn how to code. I have began by doing courses, and with gathered knowledge, I was practicing by making projects. I am very curious, and I constantly want to improve the skills I already have, and I am willing to learn new ones.

Courses I took and mentioned above: Front End Development on TeamTreeHouse, JavaScript30 by WesBos, ES6 by WesBos, The Complete JavaScript Course, React For Beginner by WesBos, Learn Redux by WesBos, Modern React with Redux, React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux), Gatsby Bootcamp, also in the beginning I have read "JavaScript & jQuery by Jon Duckett" book.

If you are interested in projects I made with knowledge gathered from these courses you can check them out on the portfolio section.

I am passionate, committed, hard-working and also a fast learner.

My current stack of technologies:

HTML - CSS - JavaScript - TypeScript - SASS - ReactJS - React Native - Redux - MongoDB - Styled Components - CSS Modules - GraphQL - Gatsby - GIT - NPM - Webpack - Babel - Firebase



It's site you are now on. I wanted to build my portfolio with something that will allow me in the future to add more functionalities to my site that's why I chose Gatsby. With Gatsby I can easily add new Projects with just creating new Markdown file of that project.

Gatsby - Graphql - Styled Components


It is a note taking app, where you can login with your Google account or create account with email and password. You can add, read, edit and delete your notes. They are stored in FireStore database so you have access to all your notes everywhere.

React - Redux - Styled Components - Firebase

Weather App

This web app gets your current location, communicates with weather API and displays weather for that location, also if you want to know weather in any other city/country you can add it to your saved locations and get weather for them. When you click on current or saved location you will get forecast for 5 days and than you can get even more precise weather info by clicking on specific time of the day.

Vanilla JavaScript - SASS


Get in touch via email or social media:

[email protected]

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